Airo Tool & Mfg. Company began operations in March 1974 in Barrington, Illinois. It was founded by Gerhard Abramat after 20 years of experience in the molding industry.

Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary defines company as, an association of persons for a joint purpose, especially for carrying on a business. This definition embodies the Airo Tool philosophy. Our company is not the building, the machinery or the furniture; these are merely our tools. Our company is the people, owners, management, employees all working together to accomplish our joint purpose. We, as a group, are the company; and each of us as an individual, is part of the company’s most important asset, its people.

Our group purpose is to provide a good income for each person according to his contribution, to make profit, and to make our company a good place to work.

Profit is necessary to keep the company healthy, to enable its growth, to create new jobs, to acquire new equipment, and to maintain a clean and safe environment in our plant. Without profit there can be no company.

A good workplace is created by the efforts of everyone, especially the employees themselves. The owners have contributed a fine building and good equipment. Management contributes research, direction, and coordination. The employees contribute efficient production and a high quality product. All members contribute cooperation through adherence to the policies and procedures, and the rules and regulations of the company.

Our company, like any human organization, has a purpose, policies, rules and regulations. None of these are arbitrary. All are necessary. Each is designed to contribute to the accomplishment of our purposes: a fair income for all, a profit, and a good place to work. Out of these come the benefits of working at Airo Tool & Mfg. Company.