pins and bushings

Screw-In Pins and Bushings, also know as Front-loading Pins and Bushings are our most popular style of mold alignment guide pins and bushings. These pins and bushings screw directly into the face of the mold to facilitate a quick change right on the production floor. Installation in the front, eliminates the need to take down the molds or remove the back plates, (no o-rings bouncing all over the floor!!). Changing the pins and bushings while the mold is still hanging drastically reduces downtime normally incurred during the changing of a press in from the back style of pin and bushing. We have a continually growing product line of Screw-in pin and bushings. If you don’t see yours in this list please let us know and we can quote it for you.


(Press-Fit Pins and Bushings)

(Screw-In Pins and Bushings)

(T-Wrench Pins and Bushings)

(Porter Pins and Bushings)

Pins and Bushings